Stubby Bee Apiary at Rath Farms

June 22, 2024

Checked in on the hives today. Both the overwintered colony and the new colony are looking good. We are queen right in both hives. I was able to see the queen in our new colony (middle hive). I was able to identify eggs in both hives. We added a super and a queen excluder for on each hive.

Our 2 working hives on June 22, 2024 after inspection and adding a super to each.

June 4, 2024

Just spoke with Trevor and he went out to inspect the new hive to see if we’re queen right or not. I need to let Eliese know by tomorrow. He found some white crystalline stuff that we are both unsure of.

Just looked at it on my computer where I could get a better view and stop the video to take a pic. I think it is larvae.

June 3, 2024

June 1, 2024

Nuc Install

Late start to the beekeeping season this year. On June 1st, I will acquire an additional nuc to add to our 1 surviving hive. We will go into the season with 2 hives with hopes of harvesting more honey than last year. Unfortunately, the weather this spring has been cool. In fact, tonight Bergen is in a frost warning overnight. It is June tomorrow. Ugh!!

Today I picked up my yearly nuc purchase from ABC Bees. As with every year, the bees come from Bill Stagg at Sweetacre Apiaries in Tappen, BC. After an approximately 1.5 hour drive to Rath Farms, I unloaded the bees at the apiary and opened the entrance to the nuc box. This was to let the bees start to get used to their new surroundings and acclimatize for an hour or so before I started to put them into their new home.

Apiary with new storage shed

When I arrived on site, I was greeted by this new storage shed (above) that Trevor built to house all of our supplies. Everything right there on site.

After letting the new residents of Rath Farms get accustomed to their new local, I put on my bee suit and got to work. The one surviving hive is the closest to the new storage shed. When I arrived there was a flurry of activity at the entrance. The weather today was partly cloudy and about 15 Celsius. I cleaned out both of the hives on the left side of the apiary as the dead outs were still present. The new nuc went into the middle hive. Once I started moving the frames to the hive, the bees started really getting active. I wouldn’t say they were aggressive, but they were very active. I did not get stung at any time today.

Nucs Ready for the Taking
Strapped in
Some Sand Hill Cranes Just Southeast of Rath Farms
Active Winter Survivors
Awaiting Installation